ClarisPointe is a Preferred Provider Organization providing cost containment services to payors. Our goal is to listen to our clients concerns and to provide innovative solutions. With a clear understanding of the needs of our client, we tailor our products building long-term solutions resulting in long-term relationships….Clarity is Power.


  • National Workers’ Compensation PPO Network - “ClarisNet”
  • Patient channeling - “ClarisNetDirect”
  • Online provider look-up Specialty Services
  • Employer Specific Network Development - “ClarisNet Plus” (Go to Employers Section for further information)
  • California Medical Provider Networks - SB899 compliant
  • Pharmacy Network
  • Magnetic Imaging Network
  • Durable Medical Equipment Network
  • Other

Partner Services

The best network providers are combined to meet the unique needs of each individual customer. We strive to achieve the most appropriate network fit with the broadest penetration and the greatest financial impact, regardless of the customer's size and location. Whether for national PPO coverage, employer specific network development, or utilization review services, ClarisPointe is available for your workers’ compensation cost containment needs.